Layout your store and create focal points

It is awesome to study how our eyes interpret our environments.  By understanding how we “see” the world, can assist with maximizing store layout.  Our eyes generalize information and by incorporating white space into your store, it literally directs customer’s eyes.  The white space between these words gives letters meaning, and are easy for our minds to assimilate.  By creating clearly defined displays, we give meaning to every inch of our store.  White space, defines an important principle that is true with every glance we take; our focal point. 

Every room, every environment has a focal point, whether we recognize it or not.  Imagine traveling through the great frontier of America with your family and after taking a slight bend in the road, you are greeted by a beautiful landscape of mountains. Whether you know it or not, every family member’s eye will gently scan and rest at the peak of the highest mountain. It is an example of a focal point in its greatest scene of life.  When guests enter your home for the first time, their eyes, in an instant, will find the same focal point in the room.  As consumers enter your store, they likewise, will all direct their attention to a similar focal point. Knowing this focal point is imperative to creating a stunning overall design for your business. 

Here are three things to consider when reviewing the impact of your businesses focal point:

1. Step outside and walk in your place of business.  Gently glance to your left (our eyes scan left to right) and notice where your eyes rest.  It is there that you have identified your focal point and the most important place to make an impression.

2. Observe the location and what it is that you see, is it the back of the store? The cash register or an expressive display? That first site, sets the tone for how people engage and influences the overall impression of their experience.

3. You can easily move a focal point by rearranging the blueprint of your store fixtures.  Make certain that that the focal point is awe inspiring and represents your brand.