Don’t “Shutter” About Displays

To create inviting in-store displays, retailers must take time to visually inspire customers. While it is necessary to incorporate fixtures to keep products organized and grouped, the fixtures often look cold, manufactured and ordinary.

Tripar’s wooden shutter ladder display (#16450) is a wonderful alternative that allows retailers to showcase a wide variety of products with charm. This unique ladder is a perfect store accessory that can adapt to meet a variety of product merchandising needs. Not only is the ladder visually appealing, but it is functionally versatile-highlighting a variety product in a small footprint with charisma.

Below are four suggestions to showcase product:

1. Put the ladder on a table top. Incorporating height and division between store products is always a challenge. By placing the ladder on top of a tabletop, stores can highlight a few items with interest. Mix up your display by replacing a mannequin with the shutter. Simply insert the needed hooks and a store can feature whole outfit or an eye-catching assortment.

2. Hook me up. So many products are pegable. Jewelry, socks, golf accessories… By using the hooking mechanisms, retailers can create their own storyboard of product that is presented in a concise design. The versatility of hook placement allows retailers to hang long or short items and maximize space.

3. Mix it up. Different statements can be made on either side of the display unit. You might highlight notebooks in baskets on one-side and pens, highlighters and desk accessories on the other. There are so many options for this interesting display.

Regardless of your store type or focus, Tripar’s Shutter Ladder Display is a wonderful option for creating unique displays! It likewise would be a welcome addition to any household to hold books, mudroom collector or magazine rack. The options are unlimited! Send us pictures of your latest creations!