Celebrating 50 Years

It is hard to believe that 50 years have passed since my father first began Tripar. As a salesman for a large giftware company at the time, he took a leap of faith in deciding to import product on his own. The world of business, and Tripar, have seen great evolution since 1968 — I recall vividly the invoices paid by check, Telex Machines as the primary mode of international communication with vendors, keeping inventory with a pencil and ledger, and sales reps and shows being the only source of new information.

My father built Tripar by traveling to customers each week and returning with a stack of handwritten orders, and at times, physically picking and packing them himself. He grew relationships by listening diligently to customers and developing new ways to serve. The Tripar brand continues to experience tremendous transformation in the marketplace, products produced, and processes employed 50 years later, but our focus remains the same as it was many years ago — How can we serve?

I am honored for the opportunity to be a part of this legacy. The ability to witness Tripar metamorphose into a recognized brand over the last 50 years is truly a joy. Our customers taught us that by producing a product that accentuates a collectible, assists in organization, or helps create a compelling environment, is an opportunity to serve. Today Tripar embodies a passion for assisting retailers, manufacturers, designers and ultimately the consumers they serve, in finding solutions that make their space, and ultimately the world, more beautiful.

With this blog I am excited to launch our 50-year celebration. We hope you will keep in touch and inspire the community we serve by sharing insights and ideas or generating discussions to create beautiful environments. We encourage you to connect with us on social media and visit our blog so that we can create beautiful stores and beautiful homes with you.