Bringing the Outdoors in – Adding Natural Elements to your design

As the weather warms, we find ourselves exploring the great outdoors to recharge and relax. We breathe in the fresh air and shake off the cobwebs and enjoy all that nature has to offer. Nature illustrates, so elegantly, the fundamentals of good design. Take a walk and notice the vibrant block of colors, the balance of trees framing houses, the soft flow of moving leaves, the fragrance of pine trees, or the sound of ripping water. These elements offer serenity and connection that is good for our bodies and our souls.

Adding natural elements to your store’s design can be an impactful way to connect with your customers and increase sales. By incorporating natural elements, you create interesting displays that attract and connect to your customers’ innate sense of well-being!

Here are three ways to incorporate a more “natural” display.

1 – Regardless of your store look (modern, traditional, transitional, elegant), incorporating natural wood accents will add impact to any display.

Use sliced wooden logs as risers to gently group products. Slice the risers at varying heights to add interest and arrange them across the table in a way that keeps the customers’ eyes moving through the collection. Drape jewelry over wooden logs, cut large branches and use as a dowel, or arrange wooden sticks in a large vase. The touch of wood will resonate with your customer as it showcases products as they are wandering through your stores. Wood elements can be a versatile combination of form and function, which gives strength to a dynamic design.

2 – Grouping. Our eyes see in blocks.

The most beautiful gardens have arrangements of flowers that are carefully grouped to emphasize collectively their magnificence. Stores who gently arrange similar products like the beautiful flower beds of fancy estates will win when it comes to sales. The variety of coordinating products, colors, and textures is what attracts your eye. When it comes to putting together your display, pretend the products are a variety of flowers and organize like product/colors at varying heights. The arrangement should add movement and flow that draws the eye and tells a story of beauty and ease.

3 – Balance is probably one of the most important “natural” keys to design.

We are innately very aware of things that are off balance as a way of survival. No one wants to fall off the Grand Canyon, (let alone a curb) or stand by a falling tree. We are innately aware of what is in and/or out of balance. When building your display, build it as a great architect would build a house. The entrance would be a feature and balanced by the windows and roof. Balance is not only horizontal, but also needs to work vertically. I always start by placing the most prominent features of my display and then fill in with the additional products. Walk around your display to make certain that it looks balanced from all sides.

Have fun enjoying the great outdoors and bringing it into your designs. You will be glad you did.