Before relaunching – Discover what brings you joy!

Businesses throughout the world have closed their doors supporting the health of citizens.  It is rearranging how we perceive our personal and professional lives.  This pause in “business as usual” has offered new perspectives  on focus, values and priorities.  As consumers American’s have hunkered down in their own spaces they have been “connecting” with those they love, purging unnecessary articles, learning new hobbies and ultimately reassessing what is significant. It is unclear what the landscape will look like when stores re-open, but given this experience, there will be a new equilibrium.

The new post pandemic business alters perspective. With the busy tasks temporarily set aside, individuals and business have a new understanding of what matters.  We have learned that time is fragile, and busy does not necessarily result in fulfillment.  This time of pause is a powerful opportunity to reflect on who we are and how we wish to serve.

As you prepare to open your store, I encourage you to connect to who you are and the reasons that you opened your store.  True beauty (and success) comes from an expression of our souls.  Go within and remember the inspiration for starting your business.  Why did you open the store? What inspired you then? Does it still inspire you now? What do you love to do? The pandemic is giving us a new canvas to articulate who we are, what brings us joy, and how we can serve.  Knowing the core of your passion will connect you to a business of purpose.

Here is some homework:  journal, contemplate, outline a statement about why you opened your store.  Do you love fashion, enjoy cooking, like to read, cannot get enough of your grandchildren? What is it that makes you and your store different and special? For me, I love creating beautiful environments and helping people build their brand visually.  This one-line redefined why I am in this business and has refocused my energies with excitement for the future. 

Come on this journey with me in discovering a new normal that has more joy and fulfillment than ever.  You will transform your store by discovering what you love and create your visual message, from the inside out.